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Asset Management

Becoming a client

We initially meet with new clients to capture vital information such as your tolerance for risk, investment objectives, investment time horizon and ownership structures. We also explain the services Broadbent Financial offers and how they apply to your personal situation. We will then map out a comprehensive investment plan that includes a proposed asset allocation, breakdown of investments within asset classes and expected income from the investments.

As a client of Broadbent Financial, we will diversify your portfolio across equities, fixed interest, cash, property and private equity as appropriate to help minimise risk and achieve your investment objectives.

Once your portfolio is setup, we review your portfolio on an ongoing basis and engage with you regularly to discuss market developments and necessary changes to investments, strategy or asset allocation.

We manage a range of different types of accounts, including Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s), Family Trusts, Companies, Personal accounts, and we are also able to provide Margin Lending Services if desired.